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Global Recruit Co. is a full-service, international recruiter using AI technology and migration expertise to source the right people from a large global pool.

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Lets explore how we can solve your staffing challenges

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International recruitment presents a strategic solution to the pressing challenges in Australia's blue-collar sector. By tapping into a global labour pool, you can effectively address labour challenges and inject a diverse range of skills and perspectives into the workforce.

Incorporating younger international workers, particularly from nations with significantly lower median ages, presents a comprehensive solution to your labour shortages and aging workforce challenges. This strengthens your workforce and offers a foundation for long-term stability and development.

The youthful enthusiasm, adaptability, and potential for skill progression

that these workers bring to your team, contributes to a competitive advantage for your business in a challenging landscape.

Leveraging global recruitment provides access to a vast pool of skilled workers.

Industry Trends

153,300 workers migrated to Australia in 2023. Businesses are taking advantage of overseas' talent to cover predicted resource shortfall.

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This report explores the role of international recruitment in supplementing the Australian blue-collar workforce, offering a strategic approach to building a reliable and skilled workforce.

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