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Global Recruit Co. is a full-service, international recruiter using AI technology and migration expertise to source the right people from a large global pool.

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International Recruitment Process

At Global Recruit Co. we have crafted a dynamic and thorough recruitment process tailored to suit the individual needs of both employers and migrants.
  1. Pre-Screening and Qualification Checks

    Our automated platform initiates the recruitment process with prescreening and qualification checks. By assessing applicants' qualifications, skills, and experience through our sophisticated algorithms, we ensure that only those meeting your criteria move forward, adding efficiency to the process.

  2. Document Verification

    Using our automated technology, we streamline the collection of essential documentation from applicants. From educational certificates to work experience, our system ensures that all required documents are gathered efficiently and securely, paving the way for a smooth verification process.

  3. Automated video interviews

    Our innovative use of automated video interviews allows us to gauge applicants' communication skills and technical knowledge early in the process. This technology-driven approach adds efficiency without sacrificing quality.

  4. Interviews

    The personal interviews allow us to dive deeper into understanding the applicants' skills and motivations and fit with your company's culture. Conducted by experienced professionals, this step is integral to finding the perfect match.

  5. Assessments

    Our comprehensive practical assessments are video-recorded to provide clear evidence of applicants' abilities, potential, and suitability for the role. Tailored to the specific position, these videoed tests offer transparency and contribute to making informed accountable recruitment decisions.

  6. Employer Interviews

    This critical step involves direct interaction between the applicants and the prospective employer. It allows both parties to discuss expectations and roles and ensure alignment with company values.

  7. Visa and Deployment Preparation

    We handle everything, from visa applications to other deployment necessities, supported by our in-house legal services. Our experienced team ensures meticulous attention to every legal and logistical detail, ensuring a seamless transition.

Lets explore how we can solve your staffing challenges

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Sustainable and Long-Term Growth

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International recruitment presents a strategic solution to the pressing challenges in Australia's blue-collar sector. By tapping into a global labour pool, you can effectively address labour challenges and inject a diverse range of skills and perspectives into the workforce.

Incorporating younger international workers, particularly from nations with significantly lower median ages, presents a comprehensive solution to your labour shortages and aging workforce challenges. This strengthens your workforce and offers a foundation for long-term stability and development.

The youthful enthusiasm, adaptability, and potential for skill progression

that these workers bring to your team, contributes to a competitive advantage for your business in a challenging landscape.

Leveraging global recruitment provides access to a vast pool of skilled workers.

Industry Trends

153,300 workers migrated to Australia in 2023. Businesses are taking advantage of overseas' talent to cover predicted resource shortfall.

Free Industry Report

Market Report

This report explores the role of international recruitment in supplementing the Australian blue-collar workforce, offering a strategic approach to building a reliable and skilled workforce.

  • Current Market Trends
  • Industry Challenges 
  • Next Steps