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Global Recruit Co.

A technology-enabled global recruitment agency. We utilise advanced technology to optimise operations, prevent modern slavery, and quickly screen large volumes of applicants.

Our story is one of expertise, innovation, and dedication to finding the best team matches for your company.

Our Vision

To harness universal talent and make opportunities boundless.

Our Mission

Educate and connect job seekers with global employers bridging opportunity gaps and delivering the talent you need to thrive.

Our mission is driven by the belief that talent is universal, but opportunity is not.

At Global Recruit Co, we envision a future where your organisation is empowered by a global talent pool, benefiting both your enterprise and the lives of skilled professionals worldwide.

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World Painting

Leverage our experience and legal expertise.

GRC Approach

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At Global Recruit Co., we have crafted a dynamic and thorough recruitment process tailored to suit the individual needs of both employers and migrants.

From automated prescreening to personalised welfare support, our process consists of carefully orchestrated steps, each essential in connecting Australian businesses with skilled global talent.

However, we recognise that every recruitment journey is unique, and our process may vary depending on the specific role, the type of visa being applied for, and the country the migrant is coming from.

Our adaptable approach ensures we align our services with each case’s legal, cultural, and professional contexts.

Considering these factors, we provide a customised, efficient, attentive experience, maintaining our commitment to quality and ethical practice.

Trust Global Recruit Co. to guide you through a recruitment process that is as unique as your needs, balancing standardisation with the flexibility to ensure a successful connection between Australian businesses and international professionals.

International Recruitment Process

  1. Pre-Screening and Qualification Checks

    Our automated platform initiates the recruitment process with prescreening and qualification checks. By assessing applicants' qualifications, skills, and experience through our sophisticated algorithms, we ensure that only those meeting your criteria move forward, adding efficiency to the process.

  2. Document Verification

    Using our automated technology, we streamline the collection of essential documentation from applicants. From educational certificates to work experience, our system ensures that all required documents are gathered efficiently and securely, paving the way for a smooth verification process.

  3. Automated video interviews

    Our innovative use of automated video interviews allows us to gauge applicants' communication skills and technical knowledge early in the process. This technology-driven approach adds efficiency without sacrificing quality.

  4. Interviews

    The personal interviews allow us to dive deeper into understanding the applicants' skills and motivations and fit with your company's culture. Conducted by experienced professionals, this step is integral to finding the perfect match.

  5. Assessments

    Our comprehensive practical assessments are video-recorded to provide clear evidence of applicants' abilities, potential, and suitability for the role. Tailored to the specific position, these videoed tests offer transparency and contribute to making informed accountable recruitment decisions.

  6. Employer Interviews

    This critical step involves direct interaction between the applicants and the prospective employer. It allows both parties to discuss expectations and roles and ensure alignment with company values.

  7. Visa and Deployment Preparation

    We handle everything, from visa applications to other deployment necessities, supported by our in-house legal services. Our experienced team ensures meticulous attention to every legal and logistical detail, ensuring a seamless transition.

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No Placement Fees

Ethical Recruitment

Some countries such as the Philippines, require you to engage a local agency who by law are allowed to charge applicants one month's salary on placement. 

Unlike many in the industry, we believe in a fair and transparent recruitment process that does not burden the applicant with placement fees.

We do not work with any agency that has a history of charging placement fees to applicants.

This ethical stance aligns with our values and brings tangible advantages. We attract a broader and more diverse pool of talented individuals by removing financial barriers.

Applicants know that their skills and potential are our primary focus, leading to increased trust and alignment with your organisation’s mission.

The result is a recruitment process that stands out for its integrity, effectiveness, and alignment with employer and employee needs.

Don’t disadvantage your new employees before they even arrive.

Philippine Institue for Development Studies

Do not let your workers be burdened by fees

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