Labour Agreements: International Workers

A Guide for Australian Employers

Labour agreements offer a strategic pathway for Australian employers to recruit skilled workers from abroad. They are formal deals with the Australian Government. Let’s break down how they work and what you need to do.

Understanding Labour Agreements

First off, these agreements allow you to bring in skilled workers when you can’t find suitable Australian candidates. You need to show there’s a skills shortage in your business that locals can’t fill. Also, you must specify how many workers you need, along with their required skills, age, and English proficiency. Even semi-skilled positions can qualify if your agreement mentions them.

The Benefits

Labour agreements are your go-to when the Australian labour market doesn’t meet your needs, and standard migration options won’t cut it. They’re tailored between the Australian Government and employers for up to three years, providing a unique solution to standard migration rules. Labour agreements will streamline migration for your unique situation and are recommended where companies are seeking five or more workers, or where the current skills shortage list doesn’t cover your needs.

Employer Obligations

Here’s where it gets serious. You must have tried to hire Australians for the job recently and genuinely. Consulting industry stakeholders, like trade unions and peak bodies, is also a must. Remember, for semi-skilled labour, labour agreements are your only migration pathway.

Types of Labour Agreements

There are four main types:

  • Company-specific,
  • Industry,
  • Designated Area Migration Agreements (DAMA), and
  • Project agreements.

Each serves different employer needs, from specific companies to whole industries or projects.

Keeping Up with Changes

The Department is constantly updating labour agreement templates, especially for the Temporary Skill Shortage visa program. Keep an eye out for changes that might affect your agreement, especially in industries like dairy, fishing, meat, and hospitality.

Australian 482 Visa and Labour Agreements

The Australian 482 Visas – Temporary Skill Shortage visa lets you sponsor overseas workers for up to four years. Your business must be part of a labour agreement to use this visa. The type of agreement determines specific requirements, covering various industries and projects.

Get Expert Assistance

Navigating labour agreements and recruiting from abroad can be complex. Consider consulting with skilled recruitment and migration experts. They can guide you through choosing the right type of agreement, ensuring compliance, and making the recruitment process smoother.

Remember, successful international recruitment starts with understanding your obligations and options. Engage with experts to make the most of labour agreements for your business.