Skilling Australians Fund Levy: Guide

The Skilling Australians Fund Levy (SAF Levy) is a mandatory contribution for businesses sponsoring overseas workers. This guide has been updated to reflect the latest information regarding SAF Levy amounts. The SAF Levy is calculated during the nomination application, based on:

  • The size of the sponsoring business.
  • The proposed period of stay of the overseas worker in Australia.

Where can I find details on the SAF Levy?

The relevant legislation giving rise to the SAF Levy are:

SAF Levy Guide: Rates and Calculations

The required SAF Levy amount varies depending on the length of stay for the applicant and the size of the sponsoring business.

  • Small Businesses (annual turnover less than $10 million):
    • Australian 482 Visa: AUD1,200 per year or part thereof.
  • Other Businesses (annual turnover of $10 million or more):
    • Australian 482 Visa: AUD1,800 per year or part thereof.

Example Calculation: A business with an annual turnover exceeding AUD10 million nominating a 482 visa worker for 4 years would incur a SAF Levy of AUD7,200 (4 years x AUD1,800).

SAF Levy Guide: Additional Information

  • Tax Deductions: Levy payments are tax-deductible.
  • Labour Agreements: Sponsors under labour agreements must pay the levy.
  • Payment: The nomination application form allows selection for a 1, 2, 3, or 4-year nomination period. The SAF Levy is therefore calculated accordingly. Payment of the SAF Levy is due upon submission of the nomination application.

This updated guide provides employing sponsors with the latest requirements and calculations for the SAF Levy. Throughout our processes, we ensure compliance and support for skilled migration to Australia.

SAF Levy Guide: Getting a Refund

A refund of any paid SAF Levy amounts may be provided in the following circumstances:

  • Worker Does Not Arrive/Start Employment: Approval is granted, yet the skilled worker fails to arrive or start work.
  • Visa Refusal on Health/Character Grounds: The worker’s nomination gets approved, however, their visa is denied due to health or character reasons.
  • Incorrect SAF Levy Calculation: Owing to errors in turnover or employment period information, the employer withdraws the nomination.
  • Withdrawal Before Labour Agreement: Before finalising the labour agreement, the employer decides to withdraw the nomination.
  • Yearly Ceiling or Incorrect Occupation: The employer pulls the nomination after hitting a cap or misidentifying the occupation.
  • Early Termination by Visa Holder: A 482 Visa holder departs within 12 months, consequently, refunds for unused SAF Levy years are issued.
  • Concurrent Sponsorship Application Issues: The employer retracts the 482 Visa nomination following the refusal or withdrawal of a related application.

More information can be found on the Australian Government, Department of Home Affair’s website.